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Aerial view of what is to take adventure by Asli

ASLI ADVENTURES HOLIDAYS is in the business of offering adrenalin-fuelled away days and weekends to those seeking something a bit different in the great outdoors.
It was only when some youngsters came out with their parents recently that we realised an entire ‘X-Box generation’ had no idea how to play once they’d stepped away from their computer games and iPads.
Then it occurred to us that children from inner cities, war zones, conflict areas and other challenging environments were also a lost generation who could benefit from understanding the art of learning how to play with what Nature has provided.
As a result Asli Adventures designed a series of purpose-built outdoor experiences to rejuvenate, educate and inform young minds in the art of learning to play.
AA provides an electronic free environment in which children of all ages, cultures and backgrounds can discover their wild side by pitting their wits against Scottish rivers, going head-to-head with the art of catching a fish … and even how to build a campfire to cook it!
Scotland’s rugged mountains, fast-flowing rivers, endless forests and amazing pollution-free starry night skies offer an escape for children where they can pit their wits in a controlled, safe environment against the elements. The only restriction is their own imagination.
We will give these youngsters the confidence to push the boundaries of their comfort zones in a safe environment learning about the art of teamwork as well as discovering their inner strengths.

Business of offering adrenalin-fuelled adventures

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We take the greatest pride in encouraging young people’s love of travel and adventure, helping them journey to exciting destinations to create lifelong memories. From first-time travellers to seasoned explorers, we know how much young people stand to gain from an adventure.